Monday, November 22, 2004

Screwing Up a Good Thing

It sure didn't take Washington DC long, but they have already screwed up their baseball franchise by naming it "The Nationals." D.C.'s Team Officially Renamed the Nationals

In one fell swoop they went from having the second worst name in the National League, "The Expos," to having the absolute worst name in all of Major League Baseball. Well done.

Nationals was essentially chosen over Senators, which was the name of the MLB team that most recently played in the District in 1971. But Williams (idiot Mayor of Washington-ed.) was opposed to Senators -- the favorite of Commissioner Bud Selig -- because Washington doesn't have representation in Congress.

My brain shall remained boggled for quite sometime.

And get a load of the logo!

It looks like the logo for the whole league, not an individual club. Just horribile.

The only thing to do is to ignore the name and start calling them the Senators, like they should have in the first place.


The Grand Poobah said...

You're acting like DC hasn't had this problem before. Remember the once mighty Bullets. They were changed to the Wizards for a reason nearly as as riduculous as this one, if you recall. And the Wizards logo is pretty damned goofy in it's own right. Though I do agree, I haven't seen a logo this generic since the last time I watched Repoman.

Well, there is always the facist eagle of D.C. United (2004 MLS champs) to fall back on. Now that's a logo!!

The Iconic Midwesterner said...

Generic is the right term. Maybe Canada is the Wal-Mart of sports franchises.

How about them Senators!