Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Too Mundane

Is there anyone else like me who is a little saddened to find out that Deep Throat was just some guy?

In my mind his identity was always more interesting: like Ben Stein, or Chris Squire (the bass player in the rock group Yes), or Steve McQueen, or Elvis, or, best yet, SHAFT!

That way whenever Watergate was mentioned people could shake their heads and say "You don't mess with Shaft. He's a bad M..."


The Grand Poobah said...

I don't know about saddened, but I was a little disappointed... he looks nothing like Linda Lovelace!!!

On a serious note, it would have been pretty damned neat if Deep Throat had turned out to be someone of some real importance (say Rehnquist) and not just some petty and vindictive FBI bureaucrat who was pissed off because he got passed over for a promotion.

The Popinjay said...

Chris Squire? Kudos for the obscure reference. LOL!

The Iconic Midwesterner said...

Well I figured Squire was a candidate because I'm sure he's more than a little hazy about his whereabouts in the early 70's.

The Popinjay said...

Nice one!