Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Logic: Pick Up On It

Oh God, I don't have the time to do an out and out fisking on it, but here is a piece that drives my inner logician mad: My Own Reverend Wright

During the uproar in March over the incendiary remarks of Barack Obama's longtime preacher, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama supporters implored people to be empathetic, saying "Don't we all have someone like that in our lives?" But no one gave a concrete example.

Goodie, a concrete example...because everyone has a mentor who is a hate monger/anti-Semite, right? O.K. who ya got?

I've got one. A good friend of mine is now publicly representing the faction of "Clintonites" that are threatening to not vote in November or to vote for John McCain rather than fall in line behind Barack Obama.

Yeah, because having a friend who supports John McCain is the equivalent of having one who supports Louis Farrakhan.

What else ya got?

Yeesh. As I assume Obama did vis-à-vis Wright, for the last week I have been crossing my fingers that no one connects the dots between me and my friend, out of fear of "guilt by association." I never gave Obama the benefit of the doubt on the guilt-by-association thing, but now that it's happening to me, I do.

Alright, "guilt by association" is bad...remember that for later.

Seeing my friend, who I know to be liberal-to-moderate, on a FOX News Channel segment called "Dems Divided" talking about the splinter group he founded, which is named after a predatory feline creature, made me recoil the way I imagine Obama did when he first saw the tape. It was my own "God damn America!" mortification moment. (Although my friend does look very good on TV. It was a little like watching a Leni Riefenstahl film. Looks good aesthetically, but think about what she's doing!)

Yeah, if you don't support Obama you are indistinguishable from a Nazi propagandist. (Thank goodness, the guy was a "friend." I'd hate to think of what he would have called someone he didn't like very much.)

Is it SANE for a Democrat to back McCain after the Republican-induced nightmare of the last eight years?

Yes, because we all know McCain has been calling the shots for the last eight years. What? He hasn't? Oh, that's ok, because we can say he's guilty by association. You see, "guilt by association" is only bad when done by non-Obama supporters. If you support the "chosen one" it's totally cool.

I went to my first Obama event last night. I'm sick of being in a chronically aggrieved position, as Hillary supporters have been for months. I want and need to be positive and excited again. I want to be available to the appealing Hopey McChange, not the twisted, angry Oldy McSame.

Yep, that's the typical Obama supporter in a nutshell. It's all about how these wannabe New Agers feel. "Come join us! Thinking isn't necessary. In fact, doing so in any organized fashion is frowned upon. Just grab the kool-aid and drink deeply. OH! The Lightworker cometh!"


Anonymous said...

If you think the main article was bad, you should look at the comments: What your friend has chosen to do harms so many Americans and leaves so many in harms way. If he is unable to understand that basic concept? Then I am afraid that I would have to question my own ability to attract mentally healthy people in my sphear of friendship.

Not supporting Obama harms Americans"?!?! Supporting McCain is mentally unhealthy. I am left speechless. These people really are batshit nuts!!!

Of course you knew this was coming. It's an oldie but a goodie: Could it be that maybe for your friend, Sen Obama is "too exotic" (the new GOP term)?...Hmmm?

Why don't you ask him? You may not like the answer or lack of answer.

You see, his friend is a racist!! That's why he can't see the light.

What is really scary is that these morons have the right to vote!

The Iconic Midwesterner said...

Yeah, its amazing that Obama supports can not come up with reasons to support Obama that are not tied to his race. The fact that McCain is the Republican nominee makes this possible. There is no factual argument to be made that Obama should be the choice for anyone who is moderate in their politics, if they are center-right or center-left. So what are you left with? Why the claim that if you dont support Obama you are a racist, pure and simple.

And, hey, if they want to run with that as their campaign tactic, they should feel free. The result will be a anti-Obama landslide.

I refuse to believe that many Americans are such scum bags that they would be swayed by such garbage.

Hey, look at me! I'm an optimist!