Thursday, November 20, 2008

Am I The Only One Who Finds This Unseemly?

You know, I'm as much of a free market capitalist as the next right-wing nutjob, but I have to admit the way the whole "bailout" scenario has been playing out looks bad.

SCENE: Senator Bigwig's office in Washington, DC.

Aide #1: Senator, there are some gentlemen from Wall Street financial institutions in the outer office, hats in hand looking for a handout.

Senator Bigwig: Wall Street, eh? Let's see...hmm...lots of good fellows from the country club. They're OK....what about their employees?

Aide #1: Mostly white collar workers, sir. Lots of folks whose professional organizations have given generously to your re-election campaign war chest.

Senator Bigwig: I see. In other words, loyal upstanding Americans, who should not, NAY, must not be allowed to feel the cold sting of a free market correction. My campaign finances...uh um...I mean the very existence of our credit markets require we give them what they want. Yes, that sounds about right.


Aide #2: Senator, some gentlemen from Detroit have just arrived claiming they need a helping hand.

Senator Bigwig: Auto makers, eh? That would mostly affect blue collar workers, right? Unions and whatnot...

Aide #2: Yes, sir. Plus most of the supporting industries supplying tool and parts tend to be blue collar workers as well.


Senator Bigwig: Hmm...they been adding to the campaign war chest?

Aide #1: Not so much.

Senator Bigwig: Yes, I see.


Senator Bigwig: Well, there is absolutely nothing I can do I'm afraid. The free market must be allowed to work through these things. Why, if the government were to get involved whenever a sector of the economy started to feel the pinch, where would that get us? No. Creative destruction is the order of the day. Tell the boys from Detroit they are on their own. Now, on to other business...

Aide #1: But Senator...the gentlemen from Wall Street?

Senator Bigwig: Oh yes...where's the checkbook?


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knowitall said...

It's horrible that the left-wing illuminati would give these people a bailout, when they know they don't deserve it.