Tuesday, November 04, 2008

IMW Election Live Blog!

If you are actually reading this on election night...what the hell is wrong with you? First thing you should do is leave a comment explaining why you came looking for information here. Go on...do that first. I'll still be here.

12:33 AM: Everything has ground to a halt result wise. I'll see what happens tomorrow. Now its time to put Delano the hamster back in his cage. He's been rolling around in his ball having a grand ol' time.

12:17 AM: Believe it or not it is not my intention to work with Barack Obama. I'm an actual liberal...you know, the government is best which governs least...government is a necessary evil...all that stuff. I'm not going to abandon my philosophical and morals beliefs to enlist in whatever crusade he has in mind. And really he has no right to expect me, or anyone else to do so. I am fundamentally uninterested in being who Barack Obama wants me to be. A real liberal society allows everyone to become the person they want to be, and does not seek to limit them by claiming such a movement is "selfish." The ideals Obama espouses are antithetical to human liberty and I, for one, will not bow down before them. Live with it.

12:04 AM: America: More ageist than racist? Probably.

11:59 PM: Local TV showing Franken closing the gap. I should have learned from the Jesse Ventura debacle, but Minnesota people are kinda dumb.

11:53 PM: McCain has taken the lead in the Omaha area congressional districts. Looks like the EV's wont be split for the first time in history.

11:49 PM: Results have slowed WAY down, but it looks like Chambliss will win in Georgia. Coleman is leading in Minnesota, and Smith has a 50/50 shot out in Oregon. 43 looks possible. (My prediction.) My prez picks look shot, unless Ohio switches back.

11:42 PM: Down to 1% in Ohio. Very interesting.

11:28 PM: IMW Prediction sitting at 45 of 46. Shit. Damn you Nevada!!!!!!!!

11:14 PM: As usual The Onion has the only sane look at the election.

11:08 PM: Coleman is taking a lead from nutjob Franken. Thank God.

11:04 PM: Obama is a dog person. Figures.

11:00 PM: The only way to get rid of "red states" and "blues states" would be to outlaw Republicans. People do realize that?

10:59 PM: Ohio down to 2%. Interesting. Obama is blathering.

10:43 PM: Might Ohio have to be taken off the board? McCain is behind only 50,000 votes with 40% to be counted.

10:28 PM: IMW Prediction 45 for 45.

10:02 PM: IMW Prediction 40 for 40.

10:00 PM: Fox calls for Obama. CNN calls for Obama. Let the smug arrogance reign!

9:58 PM: Switching to vanilla creme soda, for a little bit at least. Feeling kinda full actually.

9:09 PM: IMW Prediction 32 for 32!

9:00 PM: Stupid overreach comments abound. Obama has 1% lead in the popular vote and this is a "realignment election." Dipshits.

8:55 PM: Mark Shields makes the scumbag argument of the night. "The Confederacy lives!" Asshole.

8:45 PM: PA 12th District voters are proving John Murtha right; they are nothing but dumb rednecks. THey are returning Murtha 59% to 41%. (19% reporting.)

8:41 PM: Big news! First beer poured! Tragic news, however. I just discovered it is my only beer. NO BEER NO PEACE!

8:11PM: Based upon CNN projections the IMW Electoral Prediction is 22 for 22.

8:02 PM: Fox accidently calls Ohio for Obama. Oops! Jim Leher has company.

7:57 PM: McCain takes lead in popular vote. (By 2,000 votes out of 19 million cast.)

7:52 PM: Because I feel like it and it makes me happy.

7:43 PM: CNN can stop patting themselves on the back about "waiting" to call PA. CBS called it a half hour ago and CNN waited until 1/100th of one percent of the vote counted. Yeah, that's a real big difference.

7:31 PM: Even with all of the hard core Democratic states being counted the national vote numbers are Obama 50%, McCain 49%. That must disappoint Obamunists.

7:26 PM: This hummus is making me thirsty. Quesadillas in the oven. In a shocker, beer still unopened.

7:07 PM: I find it hard to believe the networks cannot call Mississippi and Alabama the same way they called Maryland or Delaware.

7:01 PM: CNN has an annoying little *bling* noise. It might make me homicidal by the end of the night. Everyone's holding par.

6:54 PM: All the networks are boring me. Stop it!

6:39 PM: CNN is reporting votes for Florida while the polls there are still open. They shouldn't be doing that shit. We can all wait an hour.

6:35 PM: CNN is showing a bogus popular vote total with almost 2 million votes cast. Under 500,000 votes have been counted. Oops.

6:33 PM: McCain leading all of the states with returns going, except Vermont. Early moments yet, but still PBS seems to be wondering why McCain hasn't conceeded yet.

6:25 PM: Roast red pepper hummus time. Yum. Beer still being eyed.

6:24 PM: Why does PBS insist on feeding us historians instead of Political Scientists? (I hope my wife, an historian, doesn't read this.)

6:12 PM: Pita bread in the oven. First beer being eyed.

6:05 PM: Jim Leher called Virginia for Obama...incorrectly. Oops. Breathe deeply Jim. Pace yourself.

6:02 PM (CST - aka God's time): The noshing has begun. Queso has been consumed. Guac has been made, sampled, deemed tasty.


G. Stelzer said...

I just needed to know how the hummus came out. I really like your menu choices.

Unfortunately, the wife and I were unable to partake of our planned meal of pork "barrel" chops. Were both too sick to cook. So, it was meatball and Italian subs carry-out. That's as patriotic of fare as we could muster.

The Iconic Midwesterner said...

The hummus was terrific!

Sorry to hear about the illness. Dont let the kids take over while you are off your guard.

knowitall said...

There are going to be so many more earmarks being spent by the liberal illuminati now, and no one will be able to stop them. Will the media focus on this?