Tuesday, November 03, 2009

I'm An Idiot

I can hear the response ("Tell us something we didn't know!"), but I'll relate my own stupidity for your amusement. Last week I injured myself by playing a little too hard with our recently purchased Wii. Actually, I blame the cat. I was playing the baseball game in Wii Sports and I stepped forward while pitching and stepped right on the paw of our cat Sophie as she was wandering by. She let out a loud noise (poor thing) and I hurriedly stepped back rolling over on my right ankle. It hurt like an SOB, and I kept off of it over the weekend.

Well, yesterday after work my ankle felt kinda OK, so I thought "Maybe I'll just bowl a little bit." Bad idea. I played two games when I knew I should have stopped after two frames.

So, now I'm sitting here in my office having just walked back across campus from my last class, and my ankle is throbbing with pain.



Larry Sheldon said...

You have my sympathy (although I have more for the cat--he was a victim of an unprovoked attack).

Couple of days ago I took a flimsy cookie sheet with three little apple-sauce pies in glass dishes sitting on it out of a 400 degree oven.

As soon as I started--one-handed with the hand with the really weak thumb--I could see that the rig was unstable--but instead of putting the sheet back down on the rack, or maybe the oven door, I tried to "juggle" the dishes back into the center of the sheet, which guaranteed that one of the three was going to be on a down-hill slope.

Long-story-short, one of them tipped across my hand spilling hot apple sauce across the webbing of my left hand.

Which hand has a collection of large blisters--some ripped open when I compounded the stupidity rassling with bales of hay yesterday.

Seems like we would be smarter than that.

(We do a lot of serious cooking in our family--two of the daughters formally train--one a lawyer, the other a truck-driver and the errors invoked have often been subjects of discussion here.)

But it does demonstrate a long-held belief tha in order to create a disaster, you have to make a serious of preventable mistakes--one will usually not pay off big time. Usually.

Stay off the foot for a while.

How is the cat?

The Iconic Midwesterner said...

Oh the cat is fine. She didn't even seem to hold it against me. She has a bad habit of getting under foot, so in a sense she is used to it, this was just a little worse then usual.

And yes, I'm dropping the Wii for awhile until the ankle is 100% better.

I am noticing now I'm in my 40's that it only takes a slight miscalculation on my part to bring a world of hurt down on me. There go my days of carelessness!

I'll miss them.